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A 10 Point Travel Preparation Checklist When Going on Safari

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Going on safari always tickles the wild side of a traveler. To be near nature, a wildlife Safari is the best option to go for. This is the time to free your wild self in the wilderness. Before going on any expedition, travel preparation is the first most important thing to avoid any hurdle.

To give yourself the best of the safari experiences, a proper checklist should be made to tick. It doesn’t matter if you are going for the first time or for the tenth time on a safari, packing essentials in your backpack or luggage will always be a top priority.

We have prepared a travel preparation checklist that you should include in your backpack to make your jungle safari more fun and hassle-free. Read more to find out!

Clothing according to the weather

While there is no dress code if you are going out into the wild, you want to blend in with the wild. Every safari is different so while packing your clothes, it is vital to check the weather, climate, location. It could be a desert or a tropical destination.

Shop more tee-shirts and pants than investing in jeans and tight tops for free movements and well-ventilation.

Walk Better in Better Shoes

Give a traveler the right shoes and he/she will travel the whole world. This is the mantra to remember, as having the right shoe is the need for a safari. Jungles surely have rough trekking. The shoes you pack should be dependent upon the place you are traveling to.

Traveler’s Record Keeper

Every traveler has a dream to keep and to share the memories of their destinations. There are numerous social media apps for travelers to share their traveling records with the world.

Crystal clear view with Binoculars

Not everything can be viewed with naked eyes. Here comes the binoculars for help. While indulging in a safari, every moment counts so bringing a binocular is always worth grasping the beauty of the ferocious wild.

Camera to Capture the Moment

The camera is always an essential item to go on a Safari with because it is vital to capture every moment to jog down safari memory lane. The travel images by Explurger – social media travel app come in handy. Also, if you are a blogger, it is always advisable to click photos to show the world.

Prioritize your health with a First aid kit

You don’t want to come across any such sudden health crisis while being on a safari trip. It is always better to be safe than sorry. You know your health better than anyone else. Packing the first-aid kit is an essential item to pack where you must keep band-aids, cotton, and few other medications.

Power Banks for a Hassle-free Safari

It could be worse if your battery drains out in the middle of your safari trip. Carrying with you, power banks and adaptors will not leave you stranded in the middle of the safari at any point in time.

Guidebooks for Better Understanding

Reading the guidebooks regarding your safari destination will provide you with a better understanding of the locations and their rules. Listing of To-Dos and Not-to-Dos along with the references regarding the wildlife and birdlife you venture, gives valuable perspective

Light and waterproof Backpacks

Packing your belongings in a safe and light backpack is a smart thing to do. Heavy luggage takes more of your energy to carry around which results in making your safari unpleasant. A waterproof backpack is essential as you don’t want your belongings to get wet. You can never guess the weather of the wild.

Important papers and Cash

It is given that you cannot find an ATM in the middle of a safari or jungle trip. It is also understandable if nearby locations don’t have ATMs, so make sure to carry as much money as you need. Important papers like visas, passports, and identity cards need to be compiled in one place. You cannot take the risk of losing your documents.

You don’t predict the circumstances. You have to get prepared for what’s coming next. You can create this list on the travel bucket list app – Explurger, so you can find everything in one place.

So what’s the wait for… Download Explurger today!

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