Travelogue: Here’s How to Document Your Travel Experiences Right

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The thrill when you found a cosy little cafe, sitting pretty in the wilderness — could it be explained in words? Or that warm stranger you met in a strange country, do you remember those soft lines on his face when he had smiled?

Everytime you look at the photos clicked at the cafe or with that stranger, the feelings come rushing back.

That’s why they say, the best way to relive travel memories is to look at the photographs. And then again, photos also help us share our happiness with others. Most become super-excited just thinking about new places. You want to share the happiness with fellow travellers. When you discover a hidden gem of a place — whether minimalistic or artistic or just rustic — don’t you want to document it for yourselves and others?

You immediately want to share it with the world, so that they can also explore it! But, sometimes, documenting a trip might become tricky — what came before and what after or where didi you see the place at all! It can also be a distracting and tedious task.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could get you travelogue automatically made, as you shared your experiences and best travel pictures on social media? It would be such a relief if those pictures didn’t get lost in the feed. It’s all possible now! The new-age social media app for travellers, Explurger, offers several built-in features that make your travel and memories more meaningful, even as you just smoothly explurge-in as you travel.

To make the travels and journey of the explorer more exciting, we have designed Explurger on very smart Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. The app is built to keep up with the user’s dynamic experience, and not the other way around. So, every time you Explurge-in at a destination/location, the app automatically creates a personalised travelogue for you! The automatically created Travelogue not only documents all your travel details in a chronological order but also reminds you of the adventurous trip that it was with all the travel pictures sequenced properly.

There is always the right way to do a thing, and Explurger offers just that. It moves out of the way the tedious job of drafting, creating, and naming pictures and folder, so that you can focus on just travelling. The app allows the users to share their trip and share it with the world on one of the most interesting and best social media apps. While creating a personal travelogue, users can also track the number of miles they have covered. They can even show off the number of places, countries and continents, they have visited.

Oh! Another very impressive and convenient feature of Explurger is that it eases the pain of maintaining a must-visit wish list. You, the user, you can simply add a place you want to visit in your BucketList on Explurger. It could be a place you saw your fellow explurger posting about, just add it to the BucketList from there. And leave it to the app to remind you to visit the place when you are in the neighbourhood of the place on your BucketList. It even offers directions to reach the place. What could be better than this!

Explurger is a new-age social media app that is called the best ‘explore world app’ by people like you, and me. People from around the world are already sharing their latest Explurges on the app. What are you waiting for?

So what’s the wait for… Download Explurger today!

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