Reason to travel with Explurger

5 Reasons to travel with Explurger

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If you are a traveller like us, you must be really excited as several countries have started welcoming international tourists once again. And, you have the great responsibility of making up for all the travel you had to put on hold because of COVID. So, why aren’t you already packing?

But, wait a minute! The post-COVID world requires you to tweak your travel must-have list a bit. Yup, masks and sanitisers for sure need to be on it. But we say to upgrade your travel experience, you need one of the latest social media apps which is Made in India specifically for the globetrotter inside you — Explurger!

Explurger is designed with the goal to not only improve one trip but also to make your overall journey as a backpacker, a memorable one. The app is loaded with a ton of astounding features. You’ll surely fall in love with this new social media app.

To make it easier for you, we are giving you the Top 5 reasons to take Explurger along on your next trip:

1. Curate, customise Bucketlist:

While swiping through social media feed, you come across a few places that you wish to visit. But then you forget all about it, don’t worry happens to all of us. Not anymore, though. Explurger has got your back with a smart feature called Bucketlist.

Every time you love a place someone has shared on Explurger, simply add it to the Bucketlist with a click. And forget about it. ‘Cause whenever you are around that place, Explurger will remind you about it and will even offer directions, thanks to its built-in AI technology. You can also access your Bucketlist when making your itinerary.

2. Make plans, share plans:

This trip sharing app lets you share your upcoming plans with your fellow Explurgers with a dedicated Live Countdown Timer to add excitement to it. It’s a great feature to invite people to join you on the trip or plan one together with friends.

How to activate it? Simple:

  • Just select your destination
  • Enter the date you plan to travel on
  • You can choose the interval for the post to reappear on your wall.
  • Tap ‘Spread’ Now the excitement begins even before the trip begins.

3. ‘Spread’ it all over the world:

Your posts are not just limited to your friends and family. Now, you can share your best travel pictures with people from around the world. You don’t have to leave your other social media platforms behind or toggle between apps, because you can share your Explurge-ins or check-ins on all your other social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and more, with just a click on Explurger. Stay truly connected to your Internet world without much hassle.

4. Record everything with automatic Travelgue:

Explurger’s smart AI is designed to let you keep a track of every place you go to, every city, country, and continent with your best pictures from each trip. All you do is share your pictures and Explurge-ins, and the app creates your very own Travelogue. It also updates the stats on its own. So, at any point in time, you have access to every single mile you travelled across the world, number of cities, continents, places you have visited. Showing off your travel trail wasn’t this easy ever! Download Explurger, already.

5. Gamifying your Travel Experience:

To add some thrill to your travel experience, this cool social media app comes packed with a gamification feel. Each time you travel or Explurge-in at a location, the app gives you points. Even Kudos you get added to these points. Once you have accumulated enough points, you go to the next Explurger level. So, you compete with your friends to reach the next level before them. Let’s see who reaches Spectra Prime from Cobalt first?

You are still reading this and haven’t downloaded Explurger yet? Oh com’m! Download now and get a dependable partner for your journey. Make your trip truly memorable with Explurger.

So what’s the wait for… Download Explurger today!

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