Meeting Like Minded People on Explurger

Vibe with your Tribe as you explore the world with Explurger

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Made of a little magic and some pixie dust, humans (you and I) are engineered with the soul of the wanderer. We love to travel the world as we go on exploring the wild. We like meeting new people, just like ourselves, who are on the journey of a lifetime. Whether we plan a trip to the beaches or the mountains, we always find people of our tribe. We build connections as we go on sharing our vibes and stories of our travel experiences.

To make this process of finding like-minded people a little simpler, and offer a platform where all this can happen at one place, Explurger — a new-age social media app — has been made available for Android and iOS users globally.

People from more than 56 countries such as the USA, UK, Egypt, Africa, and more, have already signed-up and are Explurging-in from various locations sharing their experiences from all across the world.

Also, as you travel on, you can make the most of the features that this 100% homegrown Indian app has to offer. Built on smart Artificial Intelligence, Explurger is here to change the way people interact and socialize. But how do you do it? Simple. Follow the step-by-step process, as mentioned below, to find new people to explore the world with:

  • Unlock your smartphone, and go to Play Store or App Store (depending on your smartphone)
  • Search for ‘Explurger’
  • Download the app, and wait for it to install on your phone
  • Once installed, Sign yourself up in the world of Explurgers
  • After signing up, Click on T in the lower menu bar… And see the magic happen in front of your eyes
  • As you scroll through the pages, you can see the latest posts shared on the app
  • Tap on whichever post you like and ‘Say’ something on their post to start a conversation with a complete stranger in a safe world

The trending section of the Explurger App has people from far beyond your geographical boundaries, travelling, sharing, and exploring cities, states, countries, or even continents, as per your likes. If you are looking to connect with people, try the top social media networking app, Explurger now!

Download the app and share your experiences (by Explurging-in), so that explurgers who are looking for people like you, can find you! Vibe with your tribe, let Explurger help you find them.

So, what are you waiting for? Explurge-in to explore life with like-minded people in a few clicks.

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