7 things traveller should know

7 Things Every Traveller Should Know

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Live Life with No Excuses and Travel with No Regrets – Oscar Wilde.

When packing bags and boarding the flight for the next trip, there is only one dream that every traveller has on their mind: To make it a trip of a lifetime.

Being one of the best travel sharing apps, Explurger has the travelling community living it up on the app. And the travellers discuss their trips, explorations and problems they face on their journey with each other in their network.

So, as your travel buddy, we decided to curate a super-effective guide to tackle some common problems on your trips. Here are some tips for the beginners to make your travel a memorable expedition:

1. Live outside of your guidebook:

The guidebooks are an amazing way to get a superficial understanding of the place for a quick introduction to the new city. But to explore the place, you need to go local and dig in! If you want to vibe with the local feel, you need to ask the local community or experienced travellers not just the tourists for recommendations.

#ProTip: Find out new places through the Explurge-ins of your fellow Explurgers (in that region) and add them directly into your bucket list on your personalised travel bucket list app — that’s what the travellers love to call us. You can also get some authentic recommendations from the ‘trending’ section of the app.

2. Travel light:

Many travellers pack their backpacks with the thought – ‘just in case’ and ‘what if’. Travel light. Drop the extra baggage from your luggage and your psyche. Lighten your backpack to save yourself the stress of carrying a heavy backpack around and drop some inhibitions. #ProTip: Most of the things in your backpack can be sourced and bought locally.

3. Avoid the burnout:

It sounds great to discover as much as possible in a day when travelling to a new city. Because you want to visit every corner that has been photographed and shared on the top social networking apps, but you need to remember, you are travelling to enjoy. The pressure of seeing everything in a day can lead to travel burnout. Experience the moment and whatever you can without stressing your limits. Allow yourself to get into the vibes of the place.

#ProTip: So instead of cramming too many places in your itinerary, relax and enjoy the moment.

4. There is nothing to fear:

It is completely normal to feel anxious before a big adventure. However, remind yourself that there is nothing to be scared about. You are not the first person to visit the place, let go of that anxiety.

#ProTip: Stay connected with your family and friends through social media apps to give yourself a sense of connectedness, if that helps. Don’t overdo it though, or you’ll miss out on soaking up a new place.

5. Travel Insurance is a must:

The recent pandemic has taught us that there can be sudden emergencies. So it’s advisable to have a suitable travel insurance plan before you begin your journey.

#ProTip: Read the fine print carefully.

6. Arrange a local sim card:

Having a mobile device with internet connectivity is great when in a new place. It will help you stay connected with your people no matter which part of the world you are in. It will help you have information handy, in case of emergency. Don’t forget to keep some emergency numbers handy. #ProTip: Download your favourite trip sharing app, Explurger, to reach out to your loved ones when needed, and also flaunt your trip.

7. Be adventurous:

The real travelling is a lot about getting out of your comfort zone and pushing yourself beyond the regular comfy life. Trekking, hiking, camping, climbing might look like a lot of risk, but it will be a life-time experience and you won’t ever regret trying it. Embrace new experiences. #ProTip: Challenge yourself. At least, try it out, if you don’t like it, drop it. But do try out something new.

Bonus Tips: If you want to make your travelling experience mind-blowing, we recommend you travel with the best social media app for travellers, Explurger. The app is your travel buddy and is designed for travellers. It’ll equip you with several features which will come in handy while you travel around the world.

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