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India! The name itself exudes so many colours, so many smells, so many beautiful places to discover – right from the mountains of Himachal to the beaches of Goa or the backwaters of Kerala. There are umpteen places to travel in this country of eclectic beauty to, umpteen exciting vacays to take with friends, family, or solo, and a host of cuisines to try. And who doesn’t like to look back on the places they’ve travelled to as cherished memories? Inspired by the idea of blogging while travelling, Explurger – a new-age social networking app – has arrived to cater to the needs of people who not only love to travel but also document everything they do.

Explurger is built in India for users across the globe, who can benefit from its features such as Travelogue, Bucket-list feature, and more. The app is developed on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enable users to explore the world on their own terms while keeping a tab on their adventures.

Wondering how an app can keep track of everything that you do? Well, it is Simple, Just Explurge-in wherever you go.

Explurger lets you travel like a free bird even as you clock in your memories on it. So, now, Indians will no longer have to depend on social media platforms developed outside India to give flight to their fantasy. Explurger is a #VocalforLocal initiative, aimed to make people feel confident, self-reliant, safe, and free armed with technology that’s developed in India. The app is fully secure as it enables users to socialize without the fear of any data or privacy breach.

Here’s a look at some features that Explurger helps to explore at one’s comfort and disposal:

  • Bucket list: Move over keeping a diary and a pen to note down all the places you want to travel to when in a new neighborhood. Explurger, the Made in India app has made it all very easy, just like an on-the-go coffee or burger. Believe it or not, this app is lightning fast! All you need to do to make the most of this feature is just save any fellow Explurger’s destination or any new exciting place that you found in the trending section in your Bucket List feature. Thinking what else you can do with this feature? Explurger will notify you when you are in the vicinity of an exciting place, and will give you directions so that you can reach that place easily without having to ask 10 people about it.
  • Travelogue: All your Explurge-ins are saved in the user data. You can view them and share them with the world to connect across continents. You can also make a complete customized log of all the places you have been to, so that it reminds you of your journey – one moment at a time. The travelogue feature is exclusive to the user until they choose to share it with their fellow Explurgers. Now isn’t that cool?
  • Count your miles: Now count your blessings because you can keep track of the number of miles you travel when on a trip. A super cool thing to flaunt before your colleagues at work, isn’t it? Not only miles, but you can also keep track of the number of cities, states, countries, or even continents you travel to. The app is built on AI, especially to keep up with the user’s experience and offer exciting insights as they keep exploring the world.
  • Kudos: To make your social media experience even more fun, we have introduced the Kudos feature. By tapping on your fellow Explurger’s post once or thrice, you can encourage them in their endeavors and or connect with them to share an experience of your own.
  • Spread: Social media is a world that is full of possibilities, and Explurger brings that to you. By tapping on the ‘Spread’ button in the app, you can just share your Explurge-in on other social media platforms that you have connected your profile with. Isn’t that wonderful?

These are only a few instances. You can actually do a lot more with Explurger.

So, the next time you travel to a place, Explurge-in to not just socialize and connect with the people but also to engage in some fun experience.

Explurger is a new-age social media app for the people, who love to travel and explore, completely designed, and built within the boundaries of India.

So what’s the wait for… Download Explurger today!
IOS: http://apple.co/2r7PUEV
Android: http://bit.ly/2rcosWD

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