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Explurger is the first-ever social media app for travellers, which is specifically designed to provide its users with a brand-new experience with a bunch of loaded features it offers. Stay connected for a few minutes to get a clear understanding of this new app.

For all the social media fans, who love to check-in wherever they go, this app is the modern way of sharing because with Explurger you do not just share, you create memories that are meant to stay with you forever.

How is Explurger different from other social media apps?

This is really important to understand how Explurger is different from any other social media app and why you need to change the way you share or let’s say explore the world. So, when you share any post on the social media, it has a limited shelf life, meaning that it would be forgotten within no time.

Whereas when you share any of your best travel pictures, videos or any other media on Explurger, it accumulates the information and creates a travelogue for you without you even knowing about it. Not only that the app also keeps track of the exact number of miles he/she has traveled, with the number of cities, countries, and continents he/she traveled.

Features of Explurger App

  • Connect with Other Fellow Explurgers: Explurger gives you an opportunity that is far beyond connecting, sharing, and check-ins. With this app, you can share your pictures with people all over the world and even on your other social media platforms like In Facebook, Twitter, and many more.
  • Create your Travelogue: With artificial intelligence, this app will create your personalized travelogue wherever you go. Every time you share a picture or a video on Explurger or Explurge into a place (Explurge-in /check-in) with the app, and without even bothering you, the app will generate a travelogue for you with the exact details of the miles you covered, the number of cities, countries, and continents traveled date wise.
  • Create Your Customized Bucket list: With Explurger you can create your own list of places where you would like to travel in future. So next time when your friend (Fellow Explurger) visits a nice place and shares that on Explurger, just press the add button and the app will add that place into your bucket list, so next time when you are in that area, it will remind you to visit there.
  • Share Your Future Plans: Already planned your next trip? Share it on Explurger right now, just select the destination, date of your trip, and interval of the post to reappear. With the Live Countdown Timer the app will share the word with your fellow Explurgers.
  • Get on the top: As you share more, the app records and gain your Counts which helps you gain your level of Explurger.

Join us today, in the modern way of checking-in and give a touch of gamification to your traveling experience with the other features with the latest social media app.

So what’s the wait for… Download Explurger today!
IOS: http://apple.co/2r7PUEV
Android: http://bit.ly/2rcosWD

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