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Best luxury hotels in the world

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The best part about holidays is staying in a luxurious hotel. There must be a lot of things you look at while booking a hotel for your vaccinations. To start with, most of us read the reviews of food, comfort bedding, pools, gardens, or complimentary breakfasts while selecting your perfect hotel.

But have you ever wondered if you can see all these luxury hotels in your feed or maybe have a deep insight into what these hotels offer through your friends’ feed? Well to all your surprises you can now!

With Explurger the social travel app you can not only do this but also share pictures, videos, and explore many more adventurous places. We have made an exclusive list of the most decadent 7-star hotels from around the world:

Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, UAE

This royal palace, beautifully furnished in gold and marble is perfect for a once-a-lifetime experience. The best part about this luxurious palace is its private beach, landscaped pools, and a private marina.

Giraffe Manor, Kenya

This one is perfect for all the animal lovers out there. If you love to be around animals and enjoy their calming presence, then Giraffe Manor is your go-to place. Imagine having your breakfast with half a dozen friendly giraffes at Giraffe Manor.

Santorini, Greece

 If you’re imagining Santorini hotel as any other hotel with the same, white-washed Cycladic architecture, vaulted ceilings, and views of the azure waters as its worthy neighbors then you’re wrong. This hotel is carved into the side of a volcanic cliff. The best part about this place is its food. It is a food paradise where all the meals are as important as breakfast. At Ela, the in-house restaurant offers everything from starkly traditional, like the creamy, risotto-like Trahanoto, to the Aegean-inspired, with a twist, like a rockfish tartar. It’s hard to go wrong, but definitely don’t miss Pavlova, served with Rose ice cream.

The Ivey’s Hotel – Charlotte, North California

Are you looking for a fancy, stylish and elegant hotel in Charlotte to stay at? If yes, then The Ivey’s is your place. Rooms are comfortable, colorful and give you cozy vibes. The location of this hotel is an add-on to its overall beauty.

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