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How To Survive Long Road Trips!

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Road trips can be fun and exciting when you reach your destination. Traveling in a car for many hours – especially in the back seat – can be very tedious. Here are some of the boring busters and strategies to deal with when you get stuck in the back seat.

Set a limit on how many hours you will spend on that day and stick to it
It is recommended that you drive only 10-12 hours a day during the winter and 12-14 hours in the summer (as there is plenty of daylight to take the best travel images).

Select the music you want to listen to before you leave
Music leads the way! Yes, this is true because if you do not have a playlist that you love then your drive will be unfulfilling and long!

Always take enough stops
Make sure that the place that you take a break at, has bathrooms, food, beverages, medicines, restaurant, gas, automatic goods, restaurants and snack stores. This will ensure that you are energetic throughout the drive!

Buy an extra cell phone charger and store it in your glove box
It is always vital to have an extra charger so that your devices are always charged up!

Stretch your body at each stop
Traveling in cars for hours is uncomfortable, it is important that you stand up, stretch your legs, arms and back to get relief from a long-day haul.

Take different size lamps and batteries
While driving at night is not recommendable but if you have to, then it’s better to have several lighting options for many reasons than just your car.

Take at least 2-3 days’ worth of food (dried or easily open cans)
It is always good to carry along food or snacks because you never know if you would get the food you love in your holiday destinations! It is always best to try different cuisines, but it is always better to carry the food you love.

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