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Rewarding Festive Season for Users on Explurger

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During the festive season, Explurger’s reward section saw an unusual spike in user activity. The users are making the most of the exclusive rewards in the form of shopping vouchers, discounts and cash back vouchers, that the social media app offers to its members. From availing discount coupons of some of the biggest lifestyle brands to Tata Sky recharge, to Behrooz Biryani, and the toy giant Hamleys, the users of Explurger are on a shopping spree.

It is a worldwide trend to combine shopping and celebrating festivals. When users indulged in shopping for the festivals, it had a direct effect on the app activity. The users gain Rewards in the form of discount coupons and deals for being socially active on the app. They use these for getting exclusive deals on their shopped items. The app helps them get a better deal as well as stay connected with their friends and family. During the Diwali festival, the number of users claiming rewards went up, and as Christmas and New Year arrive, the spike continues.

“Explurger is the only social media app that offers its users discounts and deals, and even cash back vouchers for being social or using the app. So, this time when I shopped, I redeemed my coupons that I earned on the app for just being social. I mean imagine, who gives you discount coupons to just be on social media, right! I got more friends to be on the app and now we all use the app to get more coupons, too. Plus, I love the fact that it is safe, and my data remains private,” says Srishti Sumani, who is a frequent Explurger user, she loves the app as it helps her stay connected with friends and family, while also gaining rewards.

Explurger is garnering love for being the only social media app, perhaps, to give its users rewards for being active on the app. These rewards can be redeemed on a wide variety of food and lifestyle brands when you shop.

How does it work? Every time a user Explurges or creates a post, shares a picture, marks a Explurge-in, gets Kudos or simply uses this Made-In-India app, they get points. According to their points, they get access to rewards. The points also add up to increase the level of the user, the higher the level, more the rewards.

Giving such incentives goes a long way increasing an active space for the users. Rewards and offers make users invest their time in doing the tasks or just for being active on the app. The gamification keeps the excitement alive.

“We are glad that our users are benefitting from our rewards section. We knew the festive season would see people claim more exclusive deals than usual, but the traction we are seeing makes us ecstatic. And our brand partners are thrilled, too! The section that offers exclusive deals and discounts is unique to our social media app; it definitely gives Explurger an edge” says Jitin Bhatia, founder, Explurger.

The made in India app that already has users from more than 40 countries across the globe has entered into a collaboration with several top-class brands to offer discounts and exclusive deals to its users. Shop till you drop with Explurger, social media has never been so much fun!

So what’s the wait for… Download Explurger today!

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