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Want to be a food blogger? Here’s how we get started!

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How to become a Food Blogger? 

Do you find yourself scrolling through those delish food pictures on social media? Does your mouth water upon reading those lovely food-related descriptions? Do you often wonder what you can do to become one of the clan members of food bloggers?  

You have come to the right place. Let us give you the lowdown about food blogging. 

What is food blogging?  

Food blogging is an interweaving of food photography and blog writing. Even the picture cations are considered the short format of a blog now. Therefore, your social media posts about food could qualify as food blogging. 

Who are food bloggers?  

Those who regularly post food blogs are called food bloggers. They are the ones who have mastered the nuances of food, know how to appreciate the art of meal making, and recommend all the right places for a sumptuous platter. Food bloggers command respect and enjoy a commendable following.   

The food bloggers are valued by their followers for recommendations, reviews, recipes and great posts. They can influence food lovers. Their followers are likely to take the recommendations seriously and head to the restaurant that the food influencer writes about.  

Therefore, popular food bloggers often get invited for complimentary food reviews, farm to table tours and special menu launches. They also are on great terms with some of the best chefs.  

To become a food blogger with clout, you have to go beyond clicking mouth-watering pictures and write paragraphs describing the food and mood.  

Here are some tips to help you ace your food blogging game on social media.  

Elements of Food Blogging:- 

  • Passion

Blog means one is talking about a real-time situation. Without having the urge to see and taste the food, blogging will not come out real. If someone is not into food, how will they write authentically? 

  • Intriguing Nature

Food blogging is about trying out new cuisine, dishes, and recipes. If someone keeps talking about one thing, again and again, it won’t garner attention, or it may lead to less audience. So, discover new recipes, cuisines and cafes. You might even write about a traditional recipe with an interesting twist. 

  • Innovate the plate 

Blogging is a game of innovation. Social media doesn’t stay too long for the same thing. Users have to put in new creative elements; the same goes for food bloggers. Nobody wants to see the same frame, same caricature, similar captions every time they open their feeds. To change the regular, innovation is the term. 

  • Appeal to senses

 Bloggers need to be at least one, if not all, of the following: good writers, great cooks, food tasters. You must be able to tease the reader’s tastebuds with the description of your food. Transport the readers to a setting that appeals to them. Paint a delicious picture of a hot meal at a cozy place for them through your words, and they will come back for more. 

The food industry is highly positively affected by food blogging. Different restaurants and people related to the food industry get promotions through food blogs. 

Social Media markets everything from a blanket to a pizza slice. Everyone has their genre and expertise in it. Food blogging needs the expertise of high order. 

Finding out what the larger mass wants is a job to do. Engagement, sharing, comments and keeping an eye on analytics and performance metrics are ways to know what the audience desires. 

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