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Saving all the destinations in your customized ‘Bucket List’ for post-COVID-19 Solo Trips

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Who all thought that the world would end in2012? I guess, almost everyone believed in the predictions. But nothing happened! 2020 feels like that, doesn’t it? Well, life is full of optimism, and guess what, Coronavirus pandemic will be managed across the world and we’ll resume our plans of Solo Trips, road-trips with friends and family, and whatever we had thought we’d do, we’ll do!

The world is on hold, but the life still continues to excite us, things around us seem to be more real and valuable. So if you’re planning a trip with yourself or your friends’ post-COVID-19, then we must tell you that you need to do it with a pinch of artificial intelligence and Gamification! Confused, why?

Well, we have introduced a new-age social media app, Explurger. This app is packed with some exciting features that take a user’s social media experience to another level such as creating your own bucket list, designing your personalized Travelogue, gaining levels as you travel, count your miles and a lot more.

Bucket List: Yes, you heard it right. You can create a bucket list, and not just that, you will be notified every time you are near the place that saved in your bucket list, and if you tap on the notification, you will be shown directions for the place. What fun and convenience!

Travelogue: Why do you want to miss on all the fun when Explurger, a trip sharing app, can keep up with you and build your personalized Travelogue of all the places that you visited on your Bucket List for a Solo trip?

Climb Explurger Levels and Keep Track of Miles Travelled: Explore as many places as you can and Explurge-in to climb levels from Cobalt to Spectra and up and beyond, and compete with your friends who travelled the most places and covered maximum miles.

So, save all the destinations that you are planning to visit in the Bucket List on Explurger, and make the most of the feature. Even if you are not planning to travel, you can add nearby places in the bucket list where you have plans to go during the day, and the app will rightly notify you when you’re in the neighbourhood.

So what’s the wait for… Download Explurger today!


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