Social Media App for Travelers – An Auto Travelogue Experience with Gamification

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Explurger – Social Media App for Travelers

Social media has taken over the world. Almost 80% of the world’s population is on social media. People crave interaction and connection with others. This is one of the main reasons why social media has grown in popularity over the last decade. The human desire to communicate, as well as advancements in digital technology, have fueled the evolution of social media.

Social media apps have become an integral part of daily life. It’s difficult to imagine our lives without social media. There are numerous social media apps that we use daily and that have become ingrained in our lives. Explurger, a travel sharing app, is a popular social media platform among travellers. It is not your typical social media app.

Find the ways to use Explurger to increase popularity

Despite being a  new platform, Explurger has already garnered millions of users on its platform owing to its new and interesting features. Use Explurger, the latest social media apps to gain more followers and increase your popularity.

Let’s go through its features to know the social media app better.

Make Future Travel Plans:  Want to notify the world about your travel plans in the future? You can do so even before you go. All you have to do now is choose a destination, specify a future travel date, and push ‘Spread.’ A ‘Live Countdown Timer’ will keep everyone’s attention. Explurger is very helpful to any new solo adventurer to get the pro-tips from the other avid travellers for planning their trips. It eases the first-time travel pressure. This is one of the new social media apps which is curated for travellers.

Kudos: In explurger, you share and express excitement and your reaction by giving Kudos.

Spread: This social media app for travellers has gone one step forward with its motto of ‘spreading’ the happiness of finishing a bucket list or completing the travelogues or winning rewards. Your Explurger posts can also get posted on other social media platforms to garner more views and reach.

Explurger Levels: Explurger is a unique made in India social media app that provides rewards for just being active socially. The more you get engaged on this social app, the more points and benefits you win. More Counts, more Kudos, More Spreads to let your Explurger level achieve the soaring heights. Your Explurger level goes up with the single mile you travel, the city you visit, the post you spread, or Kudos that get accumulated.

Explurger adds the motivation in travelling when you get appreciation and numbers just for adding miles and names of cities you are visiting. It is not just keeping your spirits high, but also helping others to take a look at it and making them think to do the same exciting things.

This new social media app has embarked on the milestone with gamification to AI-based features in travel-based social media apps. Modelled and powered on cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence, the trip-sharing app is available around the world without any boundaries. Along with India, Explurger has garnered users from twenty-six countries. Users from the USA, the UK, Germany, South Africa, Australia, the UAE, France, New Zealand, and many others have downloaded and signed up on Explurger.

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