Why Check-in and travel when you can Explurge-in, and earn rewards

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Much has changed since the strange period of the pandemic began. It chained people to their homes and made it difficult for travel freaks to wait for a new adventure endlessly. Travel indeed is a “therapy”. If you are someone to whom travel is much more than just a perfect Instagram shot, if travel excites and inspires you, it rejuvenates you, and is a portal to cultural horizons, we suggest you Explurge-in and make the most of your cherished memories.


Well! Here is a designed list we curated just for you so that you can Explurge your travel experiences. 


Check-ins: Check-ins are no more check-ins. How about Explurging-in as you reach your next dream destination? With the new-age social media app, you can now check-in and share it with your loved ones, and amplify your happiness infinitely. With the best travel social media app for travellers — Explurger — youo can update check-ins and make your travel experience even more meaningful.


Rewards: So, as you Explurge you can earn rewards too! Every activity you do on the made in India social media app engages you with the Explurger community. It could be as simple as uploading your check-ins or sharing your travelogue. The more the Explurge-ins (check-ins), Spreads, and Kudos, the more the Rewards you are likely to earn.


Your Virtual Travel Buddy: Explurger is all about you and your community. The app analyzes your buddies, fellow Explurgers, and the members of the communities you engage with to help the curious travellers find the best destinations, staycations and hotels to stay. Not only this, if you are seeking a trustworthy travel partner, you can find one through this social travel app.    


Explurger is first in the line to put its foot forward and reward its users for being socially active! So while you explore the unexplored territories, just Explurge, and earn Counts and points to redeem exciting offers. Next time you plan to travel, do it to feel alive, embrace new adventures, and earn rewards. Are you ready to dive in and Explurge?  


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