Top 8 Gears Every Traveller Must Carry

Top 8 Gears Every Traveler Must Carry

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Traveling today is more than just a leisure activity as it’s become an adventure that mostly everyone wants to undertake. With so many unexplored destinations and must-visit places in the world, people are always just an intuition away from packing their bags and getting on to the next flight, train, or bus to new experiences and adventures.

Whether it is an adventurous mountain trek or a relaxing beach day, every traveler must plan and pack their belongings to keep safe and make the trip safe without any complications.

Whether you are a traveler ready to hop on to your next trip, or a first-time traveler, we have curated a list of the top 8 gears/items that you must carry to ensure that you have a fantastic trip. As one of the best social networking apps, we’d suggest that you cross-check with the list once you pack your stuff.

  1. Travel Journal: To jot down all the memories, or draw how it felt while you were there, at the moment. Capturing everything brings memories to life, but writing or drawing the moment holds it in the heart forever.
  2. Quick Dry Towel: Yes, this is a must-carry item. Instead of carrying a regular towel, we’d recommend that you bring a quick-dry towel, as it allows you to roam about freely without the fear of a wet towel making your other clothes damp and smelly. So, don’t take any risks, and just always carry a quick-dry towel with you.
  3. First Aid Kit: This is an underrated item on any travelers list, however, it is vital! Our app encourages people to explore the world, so safety is on the top of our priority list. Carrying a mini first aid kit with essentials can help you stay safe and enjoy your trip without any fear.
  4. Travel Backpack: Instead of carrying all your clothes in a wheeled suitcase, it is better to take a travel backpack – as it is a convenient, quick on-the-go bag, lightweight, doesn’t require any help to carry and travel friendly. Yes, pick a backpack and get on a hike already!
  5. GoPro: Capture every moment of an experience in high-quality, and show it off later to your friends on our travel sharing app.
  6. Kindle: There is no harm in reading a book or two as you travel. Carry a book or just throw a kindle in your bag, and feel the words by the sea or at the top of the mountain.
  7. Mask + Gloves + Hand sanitizer: Precaution is better than cure. Though many hill stations are mostly COVID-free, it is necessary. As a responsible citizen, you must ensure that you wear a mask, a set of gloves and carry a hand sanitizer for your own safety as well as your fellow travelers, and people of the nation.
  8. Power Bank: Having this piece of technology is as essential as wearing a clean mask today. Why? People spend a lot of time doing things on their phones, especially while traveling, for example, listening to music, sharing stuff on the made in India social media app, using Google Maps, along with many other phone-related activities. Thus, it has become essential to carry a spare power bank in case you don’t get time to charge your phone.

Carrying every item on this list is quite imperative to have a successful trip without any glitches. If you have anything to add or share with the world, why don’t you Explurge-in and share your story on the app?

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