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Planning A Trip with a Big Group

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How to Plan a Trip with a Big Group?

Traveling is the most cherished experience in anyone’s life, especially when it is with the best of friends, family, or a group of strangers. Every trip has its ups and downs, highs and lows, but the beauty of the world makes it all worth-while

If you use an explore the world app – Explurger, has found out that life is full of possibilities, and so is traveling with a big group without any hiccups. So, consider this blog a gift to you for a head-ache free trip planning guide. You’re welcome, in advance.

Unanimously Choose a Leader or Two

Make things easy. Trust us, it is best when the reign is in the hands of a person or two. Less Drama, also, better coordination. When you are on-board with the idea of one person leading the process, it makes you explore more opportunities.

Guess what, it’ll also eliminate the chances of canceling the trip altogether.

Lock the Budget

Set the budget at the beginning. Yes, it is very necessary, because most of your further steps of planning the trip include finding, exploring the best plausible cost-effective options for meal, accommodation, travel and so much more.

Create an Online Drive/Group

It is easy and effective. Create an online Google Drive or even a WhatsApp Group to keep everything organized and in loop. Share ideas, trip plans, hotel lists, and whatnot, there – in the group. It’ll be your platform to a hassle-free trip, while saving a lot on budget.

Also, later you can share all the pictures there!

Plan your Meals/Hotels/Travel:

A lot of money goes into these primary activities. It is best to plan your expenses related to meals, accommodation, and travel, to keep the travel seamless. Search for options that are set within budget, and also give you a free hand to spend on various other group activities, such as a banana ride if you are going to a beach.

Look for Guides/Travel Assistant, if need be

Not many people prefer to travel with a guide or a travel assistant, but you can, if you want to if there is a need. It’ll help streamline the whole trip.

Have a back-up for a back-up

Mishaps can happen any time of the day, especially when you are on a trip with more than just yourself. So, always plan for a back-up for almost anything on the trip – didn’t like the restaurant? Let’s try this restaurant nearby that is also good. Improvising is part of a big group trip, but to help you enjoy it, even more, it’s best that you plan in advance.

Explurger is a social media app for travelers that is built on Artificial Intelligence for the world to explore, connect, share, and plan trips on. The travel sharing app is packed with never seen before features such as personalized travelogue, bucket list feature, countdown timer, and more. What makes the app set apart is the gamification it offers – to engage Explurgers in an experience that cannot be traded for anything.

So, as you travel with your mates in a big group, make sure that you download the Explurger Travel App to gamify your traveling experience and amp up the fun!


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