10 unique ways to use Explurger social media app

10 unique ways to use Explurger social media app

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When we hear the words social media, a vast space of feed comes into our minds filled with images, videos, and advertisements. Social media is much more than scrolling and spending time on the internet.

Most people are living more in the virtual space than in real life. However, not everyone is wasting their time. Many internet enthusiasts have found ways to use social media to nourish their passion.

There are newfound ways to use social media to live life to the fullest. We are listing ten unique ways:

Explurger App Empowers people to communicate

Social media sites act like communication channels. The internet and its social media sites are for conversation, community, and connecting with the audience. These are open channels that enable users to respond, engage and listen.

It improves how one communicates in real life. Virtual platforms let the users express their opinions on the internet. Those who face challenges in voicing their words in front of the world can easily do that on social media sites.

Explurger Gives a sense of community

Social media sites are not just for voicing thoughts and words, but it is also for giving a safe space to act and react. Social media sites give a sense of community to their users. Giving safe space to speak, to pour out their emotions, to understand each other, Social media sites have improved the mental status of many users.

Maintain relationships

Maintaining relationships along with a job, a house, kids and other responsibilities is not easy. And if that’s where social media comes in. All your relatives, family members, long-lost friends are on social media sites, making it possible to stay in touch with a click of a few buttons.

Find information

From ‘which is the best café around this area’ to ‘what do you think of this political campaign’ and ‘what skills do I need for this job’, you can find all the relevant information from your social media network.

Showcase talent

Got talent? Show off to your social media network. Social media sites are the modern-day stage. Perform whatever you want, there is an audience for everything. Flaunt your talent, get great fans!

Travel with social media

Pieces of information, texts, connections all of these elements are in demand, but what’s next? Users share minute details of their lives on social media sites. Travelers do the same. Form travelling groups with like-minded people on social media. With social media apps such as Explurger, you can even make a Bucket List on the go.

Promote products

Social media sites are the new market ground and users are potential buyers. You can get feedback, market product, and tap your target group easily on social media. Connect with thousands of real consumers instantly in the virtual space.

Finding food passion

Gone are the days when one would need to watch food channels. Now is the time to watch food bloggers vloggers. These users give every detail of the cuisine, share cultural history of the food, and discuss culinary styles on social media. All this makes social media a favorite with foodies. In fact, Mukbang videos, where people show themselves eating their food, are the latest rage.

Find the expertise

Everyone’s an expert at something. Why hide behind the screen? You need to come out in virtual reality and start writing or creating content based on your expertise. Users are never tired of finding new information. They will also give you feedback on your content, helping you hone your skills.

Value-Oriented life

Social media sites give a sense of positivity when users share their day-to-day life intricacies yet feel hopeful and happy amid friends and well-wishers. It is the one most significant power of social media sites.

Social media sites serve a meaningful purpose and help users add value to everyone’s life. From promoting projects to collaborating on different events, social media improves social lives and connects people around the globe.

Yet, one shouldn’t find their worth in likes and shares. Get the best for yourself, and keep sharing!.

Explurger, a made-in-India social media app is one of the most innovative apps. It has multiple features with a user-friendly interface. It plays the same role as any other social media giant but there is so much more you can do with it. It helps users win rewards for socializing on the Explurger app.

Celebrities, influencers, and loyal users who cover all the genres and categories of social media are on the Explurger app. Users can express their ideas, publish photos and videos, check-in, and share their posts on other websites. Another specialty is the app can show how many places you have travelled to, how many countries you have been to, how much distance you have covered yet.

Explurger has a different approach, making it stand out in the crowd. It has gamified the social media experience. If a user interacts with someone on the Explurger Travel Sharing app, the app rewards the users with terrific discounts on some popular brands. The user gets counts with every activity (such as sharing a post, getting a follower, receiving a Kudo, etc.). These counts take the level of the user higher, unlocking more Rewards.

The gamified social media experience keeps the excitement high. The users have made Explurger one of the most loved apps!

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