How to protect personal info on social media in 2022?

How to protect personal info on social media in 2022?

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How to protect personal info on social media in 2022? 

New-age social media apps are an indispensable part of our lives. We document our moments, announce updates, give out opinions, stay in the know of the latest developments through social media platforms.  

No wonder then, there were 4.48 billion people actively using social media in 2021. Imagine the data mine it is for identity thieves and digital scammers.  

Therefore, we ought to be careful when posting online. It is essential to be sensible of what we share and how much on networking platforms. You never know who is watching. But don’t panic! We got your back.   


Here are 5 ways to protect your personal info on social media in 2022: 

This is 2022. Anyone who stays off social media is undermining the positive impact of social media in our lives. Banning social media apps is not a practical solution. Then what do we do?  

1. Don’t click on clickbait links  

All those fun quizzes where they tell you which fairy-tale prince or princess you are, those are taking away all your info and you don’t know what they will use it for. So, avoid the urge to click on such links.  

2. Use two-factor authentication to log in 

Many social media apps allow two-factor authentication of the user before allowing the user to log in. Wherever possible, choose it. It might be a few steps extra, but it is several times secure.  

3. Do not share too many personal details with strangers 

Do not share your social security number, bank account details, or passwords with anyone, never with strangers. No matter for how long you have been chatting up with that online friend, do not trust them with your vital info. Catfishing, phishing, data mining, hacking are just some of the cybercrime industries waiting for your data.   

4. Change your password often and keep it strong 

Your date of birth, your partner’s or kid’s birthday do not make a strong password. Your password should be a combination of uppercase-lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. Change passwords often so that even if you have stored it on some device of a public computer, no one but you have access to your social media account.  

5. Log out 

Always log off from your account once you are done using the account. It doesn’t take much from you to log in again. However, if you were to leave your account logged in on a public computer or office computer, it is very easy for anyone to retrieve data. Likewise, even from your phone, you should always log out. Why, you ask. If someone were to borrow your phone or if you left it in an Uber, your account won’t remain very private, will it?  

These small changes and developing proper social media habits will ensure that you surf and network safely with your social media contacts. Social media apps are a way of life, and like everything else, we have to be careful when using those. Use your social network to grow, share and spread joy, and stay safe with the tips we shared above.   

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