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5 best luxurious hotel in the world

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Traveling is a great way to energize and explore new cultures. If you love to do it in a professional way along with travel bucket list app, staying in a luxurious five-star hotel is the best choice. Experience that feel-good factor when you live in a luxurious environment and experience the satisfying service and food. Here are the top 10 most luxurious hotel in the world to stay in.

Cuisinart Golf Resort and Spa in Anguilla

The best and most beautiful CuisinArt Golf and Resort Spa is the table topper. The owner of the resort primarily bought it as a private playground, however, he later developed it for guests to experience the beauty. Magnificent dwellings and rooms with a Moorish style design make it a high standard. The magnificent beach of Anguilla has a lot to offer. Every day, you can have your adventure by exploring its beauty before returning to drink at the hotel. You can have complete relaxation without the hassle of a private and peaceful environment. A beautiful spa with a large golf course designed by Greg Norman.

Boulders Arizona

Boulders located in Arizona is one of the largest hotels in the United States. The magnificent view of the mountain peaks and the spectacular Sonoran Desert are the first exhibition of the hotel. It is considered to be the first spa resort. This hotel is perfect for you if you would like to receive world-class treatment. The rooms have a beautiful view of the desert and are beautifully designed. Two state-of-the-art golf courses can also be found locally.

The Palms and Las Vegas

Let’s face it, Las Vegas doesn’t immediately come to your mind when you think of a luxury hotel. However, your perspective may change when you enter a hotel called “The Palms”. It is well-known in the United States for its luxurious and well equipped tourists. The hotel has large rooms with beautiful interior design. The furniture and infrastructure used inside the room is very large and makes it look good when you live in it.

Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas

If you want to capture something unusual in your life, the Caribbean is the top place for you. The Bahamas promises to provide a place to relax and make you feel away from the old life. Atlantis Paradise Island is the best place within the Bahamas for good reason. The 141-hectare residence is designed to honor the lost Atlantis City. Its luxurious touch makes the establishment special.

New York City Plaza

New York City has many names and many hotels to stay in. It is sometimes called “The Big Apple” or sometimes “The City that never sleep”. The Plaza has a very sophisticated and common hotel to enter. From the Plaza Suite VIP Royal, you can see the beautiful view of Manhattan with the beautiful interior design of the room. If necessary, hotel staffs are always available to assist guests.

We all know for a fact that there is a lot of luxurious and elegant hotels worldwide, however, above are the finest hotels to stay in. They all give you the best comfort and make your experience top rated. Why not spend your birthday in one of hotels mentioned or check-in when you travel abroad with the best Explurger travel app? So, download made in India app – Explurger and make your journey more mesmerized. 

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