Best meals to savor around the globe

Best meals to savor around the globe

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Think of the many trips you have taken while on vacation or a work trip. You will see that you’re eating experience has influenced your overall travel experience. Many people have made decisions about where they are going based on food interests. The food countries listed below are examples of such places. They have the most delicious food in the world. Our lifestyle-like diet is influenced by our culture and traditions. We have identified the top “food countries” with delicious cuisine.


Whenever there is talk of countries known for their food, Italy does not miss the list. Italian dishes are a favorite of many people. Their food is a combination of colors that leave an unforgettable taste in the mouth. A simple pasta dish made by an Italian chef will be finger licking good. And it’s not just the taste that will surprise you; it will be great to look at! Popular Italian menu dishes include pizza, cheesy risottos, and pasta.


Spain has had a significant impact on other foods in the list. For the Spaniards, their food is cooked with as much enthusiasm as you would see if they played the Flamenco dance. Their food shows a lot of color with excellent taste. They have made their mark in the food industry, literally. On the streets of Spain, you will enjoy the delicious treats, and the restaurants are not disappointing.


Mexico is definitely a country to go to if you want delicious cakes. Like their USA counterpart, Mexican cuisine has its origins in continental Europe with some influence from Indian and African dishes. Nearly all of the delicious cooking equipment comes from European countries that have appeared in many of the top countries with the best restaurants. However, most have some history in Spain. Mexicans find that food is more than just nutrition. It is associated with love and family bonds. You will not be bored with their food; they have all the little, most nutritious food combinations. They have enchiladas, tacos, beans and quesadillas, among others.


India tops the list of countries with the most mouth-watering foods, finger-licking and vegetarian food. It is interesting to note that their diet does not include beef as it is considered that cows are sacred to them. Indian cuisine – often referred to as the best food in the world – includes a number of spices, resulting in rich curries of delicious, spicy peppers. Favorites include Chai and Dal. India, however, is to be commended for making vegetable dishes delicious.


We love Greek food for its mouthwatering taste. Greece is popular because of its rich history, and little is known about cooking. There is no denying that it is one of the most beautiful places you can see, especially if you want to see the history of the world. Greek food is the magic of the burst of olive oil; they are among the exiles of olive oil. Favorites include salads, grilled meat, lentil soup, dolma, and feta cheese.


Have delicious dishes around the world that give a burst of flavors to the mouth. Take Thailand for example; their food has five different flavors all in one meal. It is amazing how one can feel the sweetness, the salt, the cold, the smoothness, and the crack in one bite. The various dishes are fragrant, and they will not disappoint when it comes to taste. So, savor the dishes from across the globe and also take a gist about these adventurous countries with the new age social media app – Explurger. Next time you visit any of these countries make sure to have the made in India app – Explurger, to double your thrill of an adventurous journey. So, download the social travel appExplurger now and embark on a trip to taste every meal around the world. 

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