Offbeat travelling with Explurger

How Offbeat Traveling With Explurger – Social Media App for Travelers help Improve Travel Experience?

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Offbeat travelling with Explurger

What is the most difficult aspect of vacation planning? It’s almost probably not packing or making reservations, but deciding on a place. As soon as you get started, you’ll see that most of the popular tourist attractions have either been visited before, especially those in your own country, or are congested. These venues are not only chaotic and pricey, but they are also littered to death. India is a one-of-a-kind tourism destination with a diverse range of activities. However, there are times when you simply want to avoid the throng, avoid overcrowded tourist attractions, and journey into the unknown. If you’re looking for unique places to visit in India, there really are a few amazing undiscovered gems that are slowly making their way onto the map.

India is a travelers’ paradise. The popular tourist sites have the world’s attention, but if it is the offbeat you and I crave, right? And that’s why India is the best! Besides all those popular destinations, the country boasts equally amazing options for offbeat travelling to escape to the unexplored without crowds or chaos.

However, you need a great travel companion to make it a truly wonderful trip. Download the Explurger social media app for travelers, and rest assured your globetrotter soul fell in love with it. Here are a few features that we totally dig.

There are times you want to visit a place (say a cozy, nice café) that you saw on the Internet or read about it. You then take a mental note to visit it whenever you are in that city where the café is. However, days pass, and you forget all about it. Enter this social media app for travelers. Don’t miss visiting your favorite destination anymore, by adding it to the Bucket List feature. Once it is in your Bucket List, this social media app for travelers will pop up a reminder whenever you are near that place and even help you with directions. In fact, even when your friends on Explurger visit it, you will get a notification. Isn’t that awesome!

Offbeat travelling is like meditation. India, in its vastness, has countless unique destinations, many of them still lying untouched. If you are planning to go on an offbeat journey, do it with Explurger. And while you are at it, don’t forget to share your experience with fellow Explurgers and earn good Karma. Many people out there will enjoy the destination vicariously through you.

Explurger – Social Media App for Travelers

And in case you are looking for travel companions or simply starting a countdown, you can do that too with Explurger. Announce your travel plans with a countdown on the app. Those interested in travelling to the same destination on your dates will perhaps reach out to you for company. Otherwise, it’s a great way to show off, too.

The super-cool Live Countdown Timer will keep everyone’s attention on you. It takes just a few clicks to start a countdown. All you have to do is choose a destination, specify a future travel date, and click the Spread button.

Don’t let those fun pictures from the trip fade away into oblivion. To cherish your travel experience and truly treasure it, Explurger, the latest social media app for travelers is all you need. This AI-powered app updates your customized Travelogue every time you make a post.

So every mile, every city, every country, every pub, every club, and everywhere you visit gets added to your personalized Travelogue automatically. These features make Explurger the perfect travel partner for the best travel experience.

Download the app to experience offbeat traveling and get lost in the spellbinding mountains, scenic lakeshores, all those pure and unadulterated places where your weary souls heal. 


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