Kudos to your Engagement on the Trip Sharing app, Explurger

Kudos to your Engagements on the Trip Sharing App Explurger

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Kudos to your Engagement on the Trip Sharing app, Explurger

Explurger, a travel sharing app that helps travelers and others as travel partners. Like other social media giants, Explurger too has common features like liking, sharing, posting with some other exclusive features like getting rewards and offers just for being active on the app or creating detailed travelogues of a trip.

Unlike other social media giants, users don’t ‘like’ the content, they send ‘kudos’ to other users. So, Kudos on Explurger has a similar expression of liking someone’s content.

Now, the discussion is on how your kudos give a boost to your engagement on the Explurger app. Kudos is one of the basic ways to communicate and get engagement on the app.

It is a complete circle of getting engagement on the made-in-India social media app. An X user sends a Kudo to a Y user’s post. Sending a Kudo directs a message that this X user is getting engaged with the community and X user gets counts or points for that.

The Explurger trip app is one of its kind where it does provide counts or points to those who keep getting engaged in the Explurger community. Counts or points received after kudos are high.

After kudos, there are other ways to boost the engagement like check-ins wherever you go or travel, or posting stories or videos of anything you like or you want to express.

Everything you do on the Explurger road trip sharing app will bring counts and points for you to redeem offers on diverse brands, from dining to entertainment.

So, spread happiness and express your excitement on every post with 1 to 3 kudos. More kudos more adrenaline rush.

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